3L Horsemanship 

This CONFIDENCE building program is designed for all ages, all folks, and all beginners that want everlasting results. 

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Common Problems...

  Have you been injured on your horse and Don't have the Confidence to get back on?            Are you a beginner and you just Don't have the Confidence to trot or lope your horse?                                              Do you own a horse, and can't control him?

                  Do you and your horse have a hard time "understanding" each other?

                          Do you often worry about controlling your horse's speed?

                       Are you giving your child the right advice, so they stay safe?

            Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by all the information available to you?

Attention: Beginners, Novice, and Experienced Horse Riders
3L Horsemanship is ha

3L Horsemanship Clinics

Beginners, first-time horse owners and people that are struggling to keep their horse under control. This program is for you. No more struggling or feeling afraid once you learn this simple system.

This system is for You.

Kids Horsemanship Clinics

Larrys first goal when teaching at the kids clinics is to make sure the child's horse is safe and to build the child's Confidence at the start. With years of experience in teaching kids, Larry will make sure your child understands the Why and What to do when confronted with any horse issue that may come up. And last but not least, your child will have full control of their horse when the clinic is done.

1on1 with Larry

This 1on1 program is like having a horsemanship clinic at your place. And the awesome thing about is that you are the only student. Larry will find all the areas of resistance in your horse within minutes of starting. Then he will build your confidence next. And then you will have full control of your horse and already moved to the next level.

An opportunity for You to Master Horsemanship.

I will travel anywhere in the country to help you and your horse.
3L Horsemanship Clinic

Host a 3L
 Horsemanship Clinic

Kids Horsemanship Clinic

Our Featured Videos

Half Circle

Back Up


One Rein Stop

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I hope you enjoyed watching these 3L horsemanship video's and got much useful information out of them.

Videos are great to watch and gain knowledge. Now use that knowledge, take action and do these exercises on your horse.
These 3L horsemanship videos are just a few of the many things that we teach you at my 3L horsemanship training events.

Such as; 3L Horsemanship Clinics, 1on1 Horsemanship Coaching with Larry, and the Kids Only Horsemanship Clinics

"Knowledge is only powerful when you use it."

Do you believe that building Trust first



"If the horse can't learn the way we teach,

then we should teach the way they learn."

"I've learned more from the horse, than any D.V.D., T.V. or teacher."

Testimonial by Lyle Sankey
Never have I failed to learn observing or listening to Larry. 
He’s knowledgeable, has a keen eye to pick up what is needed, and always a genuinely humble man. So motivational and a very real leader just by living out who he is.
Thank you, my Lord,
for bringing in my life and keeping Larry there. I know I am not only a smarter horseman but also a better man because of that individual!
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