1on1 Horsemanship Coach

You've got to get the best.

Best tools, best strategy, and the best map to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The best Coach, the best Mentor.

Not someone that talks about horsemanship but are living it.

How About Solving Your Problems Now With A -1on1Horsemanship Coach?

The horse is successfully trained, but the owner is not!

When I work with a horse for 30 days, the owner is always excited to get the horse home, but once back at home, the owner doesn't know what to do. 

My solution? I will become your horsemanship coach. I put together a horsemanship program that allows you to learn as your horse learns. Since I'm your horsemanship coach, I will be right there with you. Coaching you through the areas that would have stopped you in your tracks. I will save you hours of hard work and money.

My program is unique - first, we will focus on building "your foundation."

Your foundation  - is the "Learning skills" that you "must" have.

Such as Self-Confidence, Focus, Patience, Courage and many more. Once you start to feel a change in your self-everything you didn't understand in the past will begin to make sense. The frustration will go away, and you will even become more creative in your decisions. Yes, your decisions. Not someone else's.

Well, .are you getting excited? I sure am.   

 If you follow my program like I set it up for you, the program will become second nature. In other words, it will become a positive habit, you won't have to think about it. Your horse will become relaxed and more willing to please you. That's what you want.

Let me be your horsemanship coach, your horsemanship teacher so you will become the Leader your horse loves. A Natural Horseman!


Your confidence will skyrocket, instantly! 

You will never change your horsemanship skills until you change yourself.

A Horsemanship Coach will teach you:

  • To believe in yourself

  • Create the right mindset

  • Be a positive person that gets the results you want. 

  • Make the right decisions.  

  • No more worrying if your horse is safe.

  • Be prepared and a step ahead at all times.


Stop getting distracted by unimportant stuff, which keeps you from growing in your horsemanship world.


Learn to prioritize and implement!

I will be your

horsemanship coach.

Imagine how quickly your horsemanship skills will improve when you have an experienced horsemanship coach teaching you one-on-one every step of the way, making sure you know WHY your horse does what he does and WHAT to do about it right then.
A horsemanship coach helps you stay:

  • Prepared

  • Focused

  • And keep you moving forward.

With Larry French as your personal horsemanship coach, he will have you on the way to being a Leader, A Partner and A Friend your horse will always trust.

Take a moment and place yourself in your horse's head. Now look through his eyes, what do you see and what emotions do you feel?
The horse didn't ask us to come into our world. The horse would rather have stayed on his own.
I will teach you how to think, and therefore, communicate like a horse.

I want to help you stay safe and have fun horsemanship.

My 101 program can be done in my state of Arkansas or in your state. I will travel to your location.


My total coaching program can be one session or several sessions. Each session is 3 hours. Our meeting can take place once a week, twice a month or if you are out of Arkansas, you may want to do the five-day plan.  Whatever is best for you and your horse, you can personalize your time.

In between our time, you will work on your new skills to lay a solid foundation for you and your horse to grow. I will be just a call away.

(Heres more info for Arkansas 1on1 students and Out-Of-State 1on1 students.)

So first I will evaluate your horse, to see where he shows the most resistance from his nose to his tail. I will teach you how to soften his five main areas of resistance so you will be safe and always in control.


Second, we will work on teaching your horse not to invade your space. Also, this should only take about 10 or 15 minutes. Yelp.


Third- How to properly use groundwork without boring your horse to death. Oh, and yourself. You will be amazed how quickly your horse will start to relax and start becoming curious in you. I will also teach you a groundwork exercise that only takes a few minutes to do. Once you get all five areas of resistance soft and supple, this will be the only exercise you will do on the ground with your horse.


Fourth- In The Saddle Exercises


Fifth-I will teach you about your horse's instinctive behavior. I will show you how" to work with his instincts instead of working against them. I will explain to you Why he spooks, and Why he has behavior issues and How to prevent those. Everything that has happened in the past between you and your horse will make sense now. Now you understand your horse, and you will stop guessing, worrying and always being overwhelmed and stressed. So are you excited now?

I hope so because your horsemanship life is going to change. 


There is also the possibility of videoing parts of your sessions. 

Receive 3 hours each session of one-on-one instruction from a professional horsemanship coach.

 You can pay per session!

Try one, and I'm sure you'll want to keep going. You will see a considerable change in your horse and yourself after just one session.

I will travel to your location.

I have it all worked out for you. If you are tired of worrying and feeling out of control. All you have to do is contact me.

E-mail or call me.

Will I travel out of my state?

You Bet! 
If you live out of Arkansas, and you want to make life better for yourself and your horse. You bet! I will come to your location if it's out of Arkansas. Just send me an E-Mail, and I will let you know what is required.


The 1on1 horsemanship sessions can be done in groups. This way you can watch other people and the problems they are having with their horse. I can do this on separate sessions with each person. Alternatively, your group can do it together. Your choice.





Awareness & Focus skills

  • Movement

  • Body language

  • Comfort zone

  • Reactions

  • Problem Solving

  • Preventing problem


This NEW UNDERSTANDING will be applied and revealed in the following:

Groundwork & Round Pen

  • Back Up

  • Disengage

  • Half circle

  • Lead and follow

  • many more

In The Saddle

  • Mounting

  • Lateral Flexion

  • Bend to Stop

  • Disengage the Hindquarters

  • Forward

  • Leg Yield

In The Saddle Refined

  • Vertical Flexion

  • Forward Motion

  • Back Up

  • Stop

  • Side Pass

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Half Circle

Back Up


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