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About Me-

Larry French-A Natural Teacher, Horseman, and Leader.

About 6 years ago, my husband invited a clinician to Dacus arena in Brighton TN. We spent several hours with Larry French at the clinic. It was the first time I actually just sat and watched him...it was quite enlightening. I have not been around horses much, but have always been interested in learning more about them. Larry had never seen this horse before, and this horse and owner were definitely in need of some problem-solving.  It was clear that Larry would take as much time as he needed,  to help both the horse and owner.
And for me it became emotional... because I knew he wasn't doing this for himself, but for the horse and owner. He has been given a gift from God.
He uses this gift to help both animal and human understand each other. It really was a life altering moment, because I realize that there are people on this earth that are just born to help horses and their owners with their problems...and Larry French is one of them. It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget!
Leslie, Brighton TN.

Your Horse Has A Voice

Hi, I'm Larry French, the owner of 3L Horsemanship.
First I want to say that the Lord Jesus Christ is the reason I get to do what I do. 
Thank you, Jesus.

I have been involved with horses most of my life. I have spent half of my life searching for ways to help people understand the "Horses World better."
Plus ways for people to help their horse to "Understand our World."

Also, this is why problem-solving & problem-preventing has always been a passion of mine.

Years ago I traveled to many cities and towns, working with horses that trainers said they would never be trained and safe to ride.

I wanted to show people that their horses could be trained, and also be loyal partners that they could trust.

The problem with most of these horses was that they were just not understood.

These horses were branded with names like, crazy, mentally crazy, dangerous, stubborn, cold back, and many other names that were not true. You see, the horse couldn't speak for himself because the trainer or owner didn't know that the horse had a voice and that he was talking to them. Usually, these horses will have a miserable future, if they even have a future. These horses are abused, sent to the killer, or maybe, maybe someone will buy the horse that understands him and spends the time needed to give this horse a good life.

So when your horse is raising his head high, hard to control, wants to buck or bite. Just remember, it's usually one of two thing's or both, and that's fear or pain. So there's always a reason for him to do this and this is the horse's way to let you know. 

It's not because he's stubborn. It's your horse talking to you through Body Language.

Listen, Focus and Trust your horse.


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Larry French-3L Horsemanship

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God Bless


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