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Thank you, Arkansas for visiting 3L Horsemanship and thank you for your interest in my 1on1 program.

I designed the 1on1 program for people that are tired of reading books and watching horsemanship tips on T.V. and not getting the results they were expecting. The only results they are getting is frustration and stress. 

The techniques and strategies look easy to accomplish until you try it yourself and it doesn't work. 

Even though the technique probably does work, there is a "villain" that's causing the problem? Furthermore, that villain is called, "blame" the horse.

Let me tell you a little secret. 

The technique is a small part of the problem. The real question is you not knowing the outcome and not being able to control the negative emotions(villains) that come with the emotional issues, like frustration, disappointment, uncertainty, and even anger. 

 So instead of worrying about the little problem let's fix the real problem. Therefore, if you don't, you will continue to have challenges and many more moments of stress and blaming the horse.  

Don't wait to get help after you have an accident, unlike some people do. Get help now.


It's time to make your dream come true.

You need a horsemanship coach that is knowledgeable and successful not just in horses but also in helping horse people overcome the fear and uncertainty that is keeping them from their dream. The 1on1 program will build your confidence and get you to where you must to be in horsemanship. The 1on1 program will save you many hours of hard work, confusion, and frustration in learning to be a good horseman. You will feel 100 percent confident after the first session.

So how do I get started?


1. Please send me an e-mail ( Or fill out the green box at the bottom of the page) or call me to let me know you are interested in the 1on1 program. If you call, please leave a message, and I will call you back. 

2. I will need your address; please send it with your e-mail.
3. Also, send a short message about you and your horse. Horses age, how long you have owned your horse, how long you've been riding your horse, and any other info that will help me to know more about you and your horse.
4. The price for 3 hours is 195.00. Also, this includes the possibility of videoing some of your sessions.
 So don't forget, I will travel to your location.


So  Arkansas, are you ready for an experienced horsemanship coach that will make your dream come true?

  • No more worrying about Why your horse is doing this or that.

  • No more worrying about whether your horse is safe to ride. 

  • No more worrying about getting the correct answers to your questions.

  • No more worrying about if you are capable of being a horse rider.

After one session with you and your horse, I will know a lot about you and your horse personally so whether you decide to do more sessions or not. You will have someone you can call and ask questions in the future. 
Just knowing that you have someone to talk to will be a load off your chest.
Ok, Arkansas-Talk to you soon. 
Thank you, and May God Bless You and Your Horse.



Safely riding with my horses with a loose rein. And my dog Kai. 3L Horsemanship/Larry French/1on1 Coaching
There's nothing better than a horses trust. 1on1 horsemanship coach/3L
A day with my good buddies. 3L French/1on1 horsemanship coaching

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