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Building trust 
Always be aware of your horse’s mental state. Sometimes when you get your horse to back up, the horse is doing it out of fear, and this causes tightness throughout his body. His reaction tells you that he's confused and doesn't trust you yet. The prey animal reacts to things it doesn't understand.  Managing your emotional state will determine how quick and effective the lesson will be. Controlling your emotional state will build trust in your horse so he will want to do it. Remember, we are asking our horse to do something that his instinct is saying not to do. He has to release all his natural defense mechanisms to do this exercise. So respect the horse's his instinct and take your time. He will eventually loosen up and focus and trust you.

Pressure and release of pressure

A good horseman is the one that can observe the slightest try and release the pressure the quickest.
It's up to you to be consistent in your use of pressure.  Always reward the slightest try.
The first time you try backing up, you may have to be very assertive, making very big waves. The big waves will become more refined when your horse realizes that waves coming at him down the line mean “back up." The horse will then back more with less pressure. Make this your goal.
Later you will be able to use a physical expression which says "move away from me.

Have the right equipment

To begin these exercises, your horse should be wearing a halter and at least a 12-foot lead rope.

Position yourself about four feet away from the front of the horse, with the lead in one hand and the excess line in the other hand.

Use a scale from 1 to 10, in order to teach you must use the whole scale.

Start out with a "1" and gradually increase, swinging with your arm and hand bigger and bigger,  to create larger and more forceful waves. Watch the horse’s forequarter. He want understand at first, he will stretch his neck and nose upward. Keep a sharp eye on his feet. Keep him looking at you. The instant your horse moves his feet, release the pressure, stop swinging.  Stand relaxed. Stopping is his reward, the signal that tells the horse that he has done what you wanted.

Backup on the ground builds confidence and trust

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