Hi, I'm Larry French, the owner of 3L Horsemanship.
First I want to say that the Lord Jesus Christ is the reason I get to do what I do and 
all of this is because of him. Thank you Jesus.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and your horse.

I have been involved with horses most of my life. I have spent half of my life searching for ways to help people
understand the 
Horses World better.
And ways for people to help their Horse to Understand our World.

And this is why problem-solving & problem-preventing has always been a passion of mine.

Years ago I traveled to many cities and towns, working with horses that they said could not be trained.

I wanted to show people that their horses could be trained, and also be loyal partners that they could trust.

The problem with most of these horses was that they were just misunderstood. These horses were branded

with names like, crazy, mentally crazy, dangerous, stubborn, cold back, and many other names that were not

true. You see, the horse couldn't speak for himself because the trainer or owner didn't know that the horse

had a voice and that he was speaking to them. Instead, these horses are later abused,

put to death, or beaten till they have no purpose for life anymore.

They were not able to say, "I don't understand what you are asking me to do so,

please help me. I am scared and afraid. I only know how to survive so teach me how

to trust you. So I can be the partner you want me to be."

I will teach you the same skills that I used to help the horse's that were untrainable.
How I was able to give them back their dignity, pride and keep them 100% the horse

God intended them to be.
Don't let this happen to your horse. Be smart and aware of who is giving you advice.
Find someone you can trust and depend on for good advice.


This may be a few of the reasons you need help:

  • Won't stand still.

  • I can't control his speed.

  • He always has his head up.

  • She yanks the reins out of my hand.

  • She want back up.

  • I just don't have any confidence.

  • I'm afraid.

  • I don't know what to do

  • My horse bucks.

  • I have to hold him back all the time.

  • He keeps wanting to go back home.

  • He always wants to be in the front.


I know there are many other reasons or negative behaviors that your horse

may have. And I know they are frustrating. And at times you don't feel safe.

Well, I can tell you this, they aren't going to go away and they will even get


The reason you are having these problems is because your horse is afraid

and he is now in a survival state. So, when he is afraid of you and you are afraid

of him, you are taking a chance of getting bucked off or even worse, an

accident, every time you get on.
I can help you. Let's don't let this get worse than it already has.

Get in contact with me and let's get this taken care of now.




 What Everyone Wants and How You Can Get It!


This is where it all starts.

Are you ready to learn the best Problem Solving Tool ever?  
Well, here it is, The Power of Focus.

Am I throwing some psychology at you?   Yes, I am.
Because if we are always thinking about the problem or problems, then we will never focus enough on the

Did you know that people actually focus 95% of their time on the problem and only focus 5% on the solution?
No wonder people are struggling with their horses.
So we are going to turn that statistic around to 95% about the solution and 5% about the problem.

Next, I will work on your mental skills. Because if you don't have good mental skills then the techniques and

strategies won't do you any good..... And you will always be confused, frustrated and that's a confidence killer...

All of this will be explained to you while I am working with your horse.


  You will learn the Skills and Strategies to know:  


1. Why - Why this problem has developed.  First, we will do an evaluation so the horse can tell us exactly

     what's bothering him?

      We will get the information we need from his body language........ Everything a horse does with his body means something.


2. How - How to fix the problem. We will start by building TRUST and this will also show us the areas of the

    horse with the most resistance.

3. What - What to do to prevent problems from ever getting started. We have to learn to focus and always be

    aware of the horse's actions.

    The motivation for every decision a horse makes is based on what is in his best interest in terms of survival.

    So the horse will show us in his body language when something is starting to bother him. That is the time

     to help your horse overcome his problem.


4. A plan that you can get started on right now. This plan will be all you need to the path of success for you and

    your horse.
    I will also give you an e-mail address so that you will always be able to send me questions when you need

   You will no longer have to worry about support. I will always be ready to help you because I want you and

    your horse to be successful.


    It does not matter if its a human problem or a horse problem, it can be fixed. But I will tell you right now,

    100% of the time it's a human problem. Horses are 100 % honest, which is to say that everything they

    express when communicating with their body language is the truth about how they are thinking and feeling at 

    that exact moment. They never misrepresent themselves, give mixed signals, or try to shame each other.   
   They never lie to each other or to humans

So let's start being part of the solution, not the problem.

Questions and Answers

They say once a bucking horse always a bucking horse. Is this true?

No and Yes. If the vet has said your horse is physically okay, then all we need to do is find the root cause and

then a solution.

But, if he has been bucking for a long period of time there's a good chance that it's become a habit for him to

buck when he feels

uncomfortable. A bucking horse can be uncomfortable mentally or physically. If it's not physical then we will

change his way of thinking and he will become a rideable and happy horse again.

I'm having trouble with my confidence, will you be able to help me? 

Yes. After learning the Why, How and What about your horse, you will instantly feel your confidence building.

But since I will be working with you for

only a 1-hour session or a 3-hour session, it will be your job to continue with the plan that I give you so your confidence will continue to grow.

Am I too young or too old to start?

No. Never to young or old to learn.

My horse has been mistreated in the past, will he be able to trust people again?

Yes. It does not matter, whether your horse has been mistreated or he's older and set in his ways.

All horses are forgiving animals because it's part of their nature.

All we have to do is build trust first, and then your horse will be curious and when you have

curiosity, you will have a thinking horse, that is ready to learn and connect with you.

Building Trust is the first thing you will learn to do with your horse.

Eventually, the old memories will be erased

by applying new positive memories and then new positive Habits will be formed also.

There's always a happy ending to every story.

They say my horse can't be trained? Is that true?

No. Every horse can be taught to ride. But you need to be pretty skillful with 

Horse Psychology and Your Psychology. It also takes patience, confidence, understanding, commitment and

good Leadership skills.

I am a beginner, and I keep making the same mistakes over and over.  I can't seem to make any progress with my horse.

Will the one-hour session or the three-hour session be enough to see any improvement?

Yes. After a five or 10 minutes you will see instant improvement

I have been riding for many years, but I've never been able to move to the next level. Can you help me? Is it


Yes. All you have to do is change your way of thinking. That's it.

I can help you in one hour but three hours would be even better.


I will be in The Dallas/Fort Worth area for Four Days.

I know you are tired of being frustrated and you want results. Maybe yo want to feel safe and feel in control.

You are overwhelmed with techniques and strategies. You need answers.

  • Don't wait until you have an accident before you get help.

  • Stop spending countless hours being miserable. Start having fun now.

  • Don't buy the Quick Fix junk. There not worth the money and not good for your horse either.


There has to be a simpler and better way. 


Well...there is a simpler & better way!
Here's what you're going to get if you use what I teach you:

  • Confidence

  • A clear and open mind.

  • Positive results.

  • A soft and willing horse.

  • A horse that Trusts you.

  • A confident horse

  • A happy horse.

  • A horse that knows there's a purpose to everything that you ask him to do.

  • Leadership and more


So don't miss this Opportunity to get the Results that you and your horse need now.

Cost:  Sign Up for a one hour session ( 75.00) or a 3-hour session (175.00) Saving $50.00

Location: Your place or mine.
Sign up today!  E-mail me, Call me, or  Book Online.

I'm committed. I know you are.

See you soon.














Your Horse Has A Voice

  It's up to you to find it.
        Are you ready?

When all three of the horses' needs - survival, comfort, and leadership - have been satisfied, then you will know that they are ready to follow you and trust you.

There's skills we have to learn other than techniques and strategies.

Tell peAfter 20 plus years of riding , I never thought I could learn and know more about my horse and myself... It's not comparable to anything I have seen, and it's a program that anyone new to riding or has been riding 50 yrs to learn and retain it!           Rhonda Yolk         Conway, Arkansas


Conway, Arkansas

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I met Larry in 2010, previously I had been badly injured in a horse accident. I was fearful and lacked confidence in my riding. Though Larry's knowledge, experience and guidance I was able to overcome my fear. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to attend two more of Larry's clinics. Each time learning new skills to learn to become a better partner to my horse. Simply put Larry is an amazing horseman.

Addie-Topeka, Kansas


Topeka, Kansas

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"After spending quality time with Larry, my horse was calmer, more responsive,
and overall more balanced. My non-horse husband even noticed the difference."

Terri, Texas


Ft. Worth, Texas

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