Let's Keep Our Horse A Horse

Trust - Desensitize

From survival state to a peak state

Most horses react to uncomfortable or scary situations. That is, they act out of instinct, fear, or anger without thinking of the consequences. They have no choice in the matter because they are merely in a survival state. They will do whatever they think will survive them. A response, by contrast, is an action after weighing the alternatives. If you spend time exposing the horse to different stimuli and situations, you can educate your horse so that he can grow mentally as well as physically.

The horse will pick the right option

Once he feels comfortable with a situation, is given options, and can decide which option he would like to take, he can respond with the correct behavior instead of reacting with fight or flight.
Prepare by having your horse in an arena or round pen with halter and lead. Stand on your horses left side about 3 feet away (not so close that you might get kicked.) Hold your lead line in your left hand and keep the horses head tipped slightly toward you. Coil the rest of the line up into your right hand and use it as a brush all over his left side. When he is comfortable with the brushing uncoil the rope and gently toss the line across his back. Do not toss it at him; send no energy with the rope. Make the gesture a caress, not a smack.
If your horse has to move away, then move along with him. Keep his head tipped toward you until he comes to a stop. Continue until the horse softens. Once he can accept the line across his back, rump, and shoulders, you can toss the line along his legs. Repeat this process on the right side.

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