Disengage/ On The Ground

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Disengagement-On The Ground


The outcome you are looking for is for the horse to take his inside leg and cross the outside leg as he is yielding his hindquarters away from you.

There are three things your horse must do to have flexibility. 

So that is:

  • Lateral Flexion

  • Disengagement

  • Bend in center

The engine, the power of the horse, comes from his hindquarter's. If you can yield his hindquarters, you will have better control and better communication with your horse. 


To move the horse's hindquarters to his right, your left, you must focus on his left hip only. If you shift your focus to, let's say his head, you move your energy from his hip to his head. So stay focused on one body part at all times.


First- stand in the safety zone facing your horse's hindquarters, approximately 2 feet or so away from your horse.

Second- Now, with your left hand hold approximately 2 to 3 feet of rope from your left side to the halter. Then place the rest of the rope in your right hand with enough hanging to use for communication to help your horse to understand that he is to yield his hindquarters away from you.

Third- make sure your left hand is straight up so you can block his head, in case he swings it around and also to stop him if he moves forward.

Fourth- place your body in the correct position to send energy to his hip. So as soon as he does it correctly, release the pressure and move your body back to a neutral position. Rub your horse.

Be sure to do both sides and measure your progress.

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