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We all have times that we can get frustrated or overwhelmed, or depressed or angry; we also have times that we feel excited about our lives. The secret is not to never feel the negative emotion, that's not real. This is not about positive thinking and this is not about denial. It's about the power of using your emotions as action signals. You see, every emotion you've ever felt in your life is really a call to action.

What's more important to you than the way you feel?

They just want to feel better. They want to change the way they feel: they want to change the emotional content of their life at that moment.

Negative emotions are our best friends.

 They may be giving us signals that we need to make changes. If we heed these signals, and if we utilize them, we can change the quality of our experience in horsemanship and our life immediately.

So just remember, emotions are the ultimate power.

Emotions are the core that calls us to action and changes our entire lives.

So where do they come from?

How can we master them? How can we utilize them to increase the quality of our lives?

How do you deal with your emotions right now?

There are four ways that people deal with their emotions:

One, they avoid them.

Two, they go into the "I'm going to endure it" phase. Or worse, "I'll endure it but deny it."

But they continue to stoke the fire inside themselves.

In other words, they never change their internal conversation. They never change their internal focus or their physiology.

The third thing is they use it for competition: "you horse is bad?

Let me tell you how bad mine is."

Fourth, Learn from them and utilize them.

Now, where do they come from? You choose at that moment to create feelings of focus within yourself. You allow yourself to have those sensations.

Conversely, if you feel bad, if you feel overwhelmed, depressed, frustrated, lonely, all of these emotions are also created by only one person-you-by what you choose to "focus" on. Or to be more specific, by the meaning that you attach to any experience in life.

How you feel at any moment in time is really the result of the meaning that you've given to your experience.

We need to be aware of what sets our emotions. Your emotions are the key to building a successful relationship with your horse. If you can't control your emotions, you won't be able to control the horse's emotions.

The horse will either be in a survival state or a thinking state. It's your job, as his leader, to keep him in a thinking state so you can build his trust. So be aware of your emotions every time you are with your horse because now you know you can change your focus to improve your emotion. You can do it.

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