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Good Old Basic Horsemanship Fundamentals

When you have problems communicating with your horse, you will always go back to the fundamentals. 

Build good rapport and you will get a trusting horse. 3L Horsemanship-Larry French/Arkansas

 You use horsemanship fundamentals for communication to first build rapport. You have to have a good rapport to build a trusting relationship first. This method will soon lead to your horse accepting you as the leader.

Horsemanship fundamentals build curiosity in your horse, and your horse will become curious about what you are asking him to do.  Now you will have his attention, and he will focus on what you have to offer.

Imagine being a new horse and you are joining a new herd for the first time. The horses don't trust you at the start, but in time they will finally accept you and allow you in their herd. Then you have to go through a process of finding where you fit into the pecking order. The pecking order is the same process your horse goes through with you. However, we are doing it the way horses understand. We are doing it The horse way. 

Let's keep it natural.















The horsemanship fundamentals I teach will fix any horse behavior issue that your horse may have as long as you have a positive mindset to show him.

If you have resistance in your horse, let's say a month later, you will go back to the horsemanship fundamentals to soften the resistance.















The Why behind each horse behavior

First, you must know the WHY behind each action your horse demonstrates.
Why your horse is behaving or reacting in a certain way. We need to know the cause of his behavior.

Too many times we guess what the horse's problem is and if we can't make a good guess, we blame

it on the horse. We say, "well he's just a stubborn outfit."

If you know Horse Psychology, you will always get the Why behind each horse behavior.














The horsemanship fundamentals should come easy for you when you use them; they must be clear and direct. If you act confused or angry, this can lead to more problems. Be patient and think with a clear mind. It's crucial that you don't react to the horse's reactions because the horse will look to you first for assurance that everything is ok.

One other thing, don't stay focused on the problem. Did you know that ninety percent of people only focus on the problem? They never solve the problem,
they end up buying something for a quick fix that ends up making things worse.

Instead, spend your time and energy on the solution.



 Practice these horsemanship fundamentals so you can do the right thing in a key clutch moment. 

So practice these horsemanship fundamentals, so they become automatic in your brain and nervous system. You want your horse to feel safe with you,
so this will give you the trust of your horse you need.

Fundamentals have to be practiced daily for the task to become a habit. 

Remember, Repetition is the mother of skill. You have to do it over and over again if you want to master something and make it a habit for success.


                               Click here for the horsemanship fundamentals I use for Groundwork and In the Saddle.



The Why behind each horse problem. 3L Horsemanship- The fundamentals- Larr Frenc/Arkansas
These fundamentals will fix any horse problem you have.3L Horsemanship-Larry French/Arkansas
Be patient and clear minded when doing horsemanship fundamentals. 3L Horsemanship-Larry French/Arkansas

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