Horse Behavior Problems

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Horse Behavior Problems
What causes problems?

So let’s talk about what a problem is.
A problem occurs when the horse applies unnecessary resistance and showing unwanted bad behavior when you ask him to do something. There are many names that have been applied to this behavior like:

·         Hard- mouthed

·         High headed

·         Spooky

·         Stubborn


When bad behavior starts, the first thing people want to do is send their horse to a trainer. Ask the trainer to put 30 days on him. The trainer does a good job and the horse goes home but in a week or two the horse is back to being resistant again.
Now, the owner decides to get a severe bit and use heavier hands, to accomplish something as simple as a stop, back up and turn. With a heavier bit is being used, the level of discomfort arises, and the horse usually begins offering additional unwanted resistance, such as hollowing his back and throwing his head in an effort to get some relief. This, in turn, often causes the rider to add even more pressure and/ or equipment, such as a tie down, draw reins, and the like, to keep the horse’s unwanted behavior under control. Of course, this only causes the horse more discomfort, usually creating even more behavior issues, which causes more strife between horse and rider, and so on.

In these examples, as well as almost any others that might be used, the problems actually stem from a lack of understanding on the human’s part of what the horse is learning during training. It’s a very common occurrence for us to think we are teaching one thing while the horse is learning something else entirely. Unfortunately for both horse and handler, this is usually the very type of thing that almost always leads to unwanted training issues that end up with the horse needing to be re-educated later.

I have put together a program, called Focus, that if used, you will avoid making mistakes by a lack of understanding. You will see a positive change in your horse the first day.
Because, I understand that behind every behavioral or training issue, there is always a root cause. As horse people, I believe it is our responsibility to try to understand what that cause might be and then start there, rather than always relying solely on training to solve the problem.

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