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How to host a clinic. Host a clinic and your child gets in FREE!

Hosting a Kids Only Horsemanship /clinic is simple. All you need is the facilities to make it work.

Not only that, but you are part of your child's improvement in horsemanship, but you are also giving many other kids the same opportunity. Moreover, your kid gets in FREE. The number of students in the Kids Only horsemanship clinic is no less than 15 or no more than 20. Now, if you believe your younger child needs in this group, send me an e-mail on why you think I should take him/her in the clinic.


To host a clinic, you need an open or closed arena. Maybe you don't own one but have access to one. That will work. If there is a round pen, that is great, but if there is not, that's fine too. 

You will want to make sure there is seating or room for accommodations in case people want to bring their lawn chairs to watch and learn.

Please e-mail pictures of the arena.


To Join A Kids Only Horsemanship Clinic

All you have to do is click here to send me your name and address. If we have one scheduled in your town or state, we will let you know. Alternatively, we may decide to schedule one in your area if we have other kids interested in participating in your area.


Let's move to the next level.

At 3L Horsemanship, Larry is ready to take your child to the next level in horsemanship.

What is the next level? It could be riding a horse for the first time. Alternatively, it could be loping your horse for the first time. Or maybe winning their first buckle or championship for the first time.

However, whichever one it is your child must have the thinking skills to do it. Moreover, that's what Larry is qualified to give your child.

Larry takes helping your child seriously; he studied psychology for many years because he knew after working with hundreds of kids, that the primary problem kids had with horsemanship was themselves.
Larry will start getting to know your child right at the start; this will give Larry the info he needs to know how to develop your child in horsemanship.

Larry's goal is to keep them motivated to listen, so they are eager to learn and then set to take action.


The fundamentals we will accomplish.

Awareness & Focus skills

  • Movement

  • Body language

  • Comfort zone

  • Reactions

  • Problem Solving

  • Preventing problems

In The Saddle

  • Mounting

  • Lateral Flexion

  • Bend to Stop

  • Disengage the Hindquarters

  • Forward

  • Leg Yield

Groundwork & Round Pen

  • Back Up

  • Disengage

  • Half circle

  • Lead and follow

  • many more

In The Saddle Refined

  • Vertical Flexion

  • Forward Motion

  • Back Up

  • Stop

  • Side Pass

A few horsemanship training videos of the cool subjects we will cover to make you an exceptional horseman.

Half Circle

Back Up


One Rein Stop

God's Kids and Horses Enjoying The Moment.

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