Kids Horsemanship Fundamentals

Nowadays there are too many techniques and strategies that instructors teach kids. Many of the techniques are not natural for the horse. Yes, I said it -unnatural. Let's keep it natural. 

All they do is confuse the child and the horse. The fewer things the child has to remember and do at one time will only help the child learn and improve faster in their riding and horsemanship skills. For example, some teachers tell the child to do ten tasks when he sits in the saddle. The child is trying to remember what the teacher told him to do instead the child should be just focusing on his horse and riding to the feel of his horse's movement.
 It's simple, teach the child the language the horse understands by using fundamentals that mirror the way horses communicate with each other. When the child's horse understands him/her, then he will relax and become more willing to trust the child.

A few horsemanship training videos of the cool subjects we will cover to make you an exceptional horseman.

Half Circle

Back Up


One Rein Stop

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