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Only Kids Horsemanship Clinics

This page is about what goes on at a Kids Only Horsemanship Clinic.
The kids will have a blast while learning how to always be in control of their horses, how to understand horses and learn Why they do what they do. And most important of all they will learn how to take responsibility for what their horse is doing. They will learn to be patient and think through things before they make a decision. They will learn
leadership skills that are so important in the horse's world and their world. And all these principles will eventually become habits, and they will use them in their everyday life. Wow isn't this awesome.
I'm looking forward to meeting your child and their horse and helping them reach success in trusting each other.

My mindset at the start of the horsemanship clinic is to build their confidence quickly.

I start the clinics out teaching them skills that will boost their confidence. By building their confidence first, they will have the motivation to learn; the tasks will be easier for them to understand. The child will be prepared for challenges that will test them and improve their skills.


I will inspect all the equipment and make sure it is correct:

  •  halter and lead rope

  • the right bit for their horse (snaffle bits only)

  • Saddle size

  • The equipment is for communication from the child to his horse. It's important that
    No tie downs (trust me)
     the communication is understood from the horse in a gentle and positive way. If the equipment is used to force the horse to do something, this will cause the horse to react in a negative way. 


They will learn the proper way to :

  • mount and dismount

  • Saddle and bridle their horse.

  •  rein management

  • seat position

  • leg position

  • collection

  • walk, trot, and canter/lope

 They will gain skills in:

  • speed control, controlling their horse

  •  positioning

  • back up

  • stop

  • yielding their horse


They will also:

  • learn horse psychology

  • the right way to think

  • the fundamentals to build curiosity, trust, and a partnership


They will learn other skills:

  • focus

  • leadership

  • confidence

  • feel

  • body language

  • language

Plus we will practice the skills we learn by running patterns in the afternoon.


The equipment they will need is :

  • a saddle/and pad

  • snaffle set/headstall/leather curb strap

  • rope halter and at least a 10-foot lead rope



I will bring extra tack with me in case a child doesn't have one or any of the items.

No tie downs or leverage bits. I will explain Why at the clinic.  

Ages - 12 to 18.

If there is a younger child that you think will fit in with this age group, that's fine with me.