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Self-Improvement Psychology

Skills that will not only improve their horsemanship but will improve their future.

Staying Prepared At All Times

Kids are always excited to ride their horse until their horse does something that makes them feel uncomfortable. The challenge for the child is keeping themselves in a positive state of mind.
They start to get nervous, confused and frustrated. Now the child's emotions change from being excited to worry.  The moment of panic is a tough time for them, and their feelings usually go to a negative state. 

Getting mentally prepared is not always about the horse being mentally prepared. It's about you being mentally ready for the unexpected resistance from your horse.

A moment of risk is a common problem for children and adults. I have the experience to help the child through this tough time.

I will teach your child how to stay in a peak state and push through the challenge successfully.

Self-Improvement Psychology

One thing people don't know about horsemanship, horsemanship is 80% psychology and 20% techniques. What this means is, you can learn all the methods, strategies and techniques you want to, but they won't do you much good unless you have good mental skills. Moreover, the better the mental abilities you have, the fewer techniques you will have to know. Now you will be able to "focus" and become confident in yourself and your decisions.








You must improve the skills below.

    Confidence and Courage

The way to develop your confidence and courage is with knowledge and skills.  Most fear and doubt arises from not knowing what to do.
The horse is a prey animal that thinks differently than we do. So the child has to learn his language and the meaning to his reactions.
The more they learn what they need to know about horses (horse psychology), the fear will go away, and the confidence and courage will grow.

If kids have confidence issues, then they will focus on things by the way they feel. If they have seen someone buck off, then that's what he or she focuses on, and that will give them the feeling of fear. So by changing their focus, will instantly change the way they feel about horses.

Being A Leader
is learning to listen to the horse, thinking instead of reacting, taking responsibility instead of blaming or making excuses, and leaders are

always thinking about how much they need to improve and learn to be the leader their horse deserves. I want the kids to start thinking about the future because they will begin to think like a leader, and they will begin to get the same results as a leader does.

Peer Groups

Are their friends passionate about horses? Who is teaching them horsemanship? Are they learning from someone that has years of experience or someone with minimal experience?  Do they have friends that ride horses? Are these friends experienced in horsemanship? Will they hold your child to higher standards?
It's vital that they have a good coach, teacher, mentor and friends that will hold them to a higher standard. And someone with years of experience and ride every day. And someone that has already done thousands of times everything they teach your child. And last but not least, an experienced teacher that knows how to grow that muscle in their little heads( the brain) with the correct knowledge and experience to be safe and successful in horsemanship. 












At 3L Horsemanship, Larry is ready to take your child to the next level in horsemanship.

What is the next level? It could be riding a horse for the first time.
 Also, it could be loping their horse for the first time. Maybe even winning their first buckle or championship for the first time on a horse.

However, whichever one it is your child must have the thinking skills to do it. Moreover, that's what Larry is qualified to give your child.

Larry takes helping your child seriously; he studied psychology for many years because he knew after working with hundreds of kids, that the primary problem kids had with horsemanship was themselves. 
Larry also teaches kids with trauma in their life.

Using the horse to assist these kids in discovering their true identity, their talents and their purpose in life. Helping kids to face and accomplish tough challenges in horsemanship plays over to confronting difficulties in their life. Build their confidence and courage to stop surviving and start believing in themselves.
So Larry will start getting to know your child right at the start; this will give Larry the info and leverage he needs to develop your child in horsemanship.

Larry's goal is to keep them motivated to listen, so they are eager to learn and then set to take action.

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