Master Leadership

To listen, understand, make the right decisions, take action and teach your horse the way he understands.

When you improve your leadership skills, you give your horse a future.

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Leadership Is A Must
I have met many people that say, they don't want to be leaders. They want a laid-back horse that is safe and easy to control.

Well, there are lots of those horses out there, but they are looking for a leader also . A leader that will listen and understand their horse's needs, and follow the three primary needs below..

Their three primary needs are:

  1. Survival

  2. Comfort

    3.   Leadership

Influencing Your Horse

  So as you can see, your leadership is a must for them. Because of the horse's herd instinct, the horse needs to have a leader. When you catch them and take them from their herd, and you don't assure them that they are safe and you are in control, the horse becomes nervous and instantly will try to get to where he feels safe. The horse will become more sensitive, spooky and dominate. So then a saddle is strapped to the horse, a predator(human) gets on his back, the weight of the saddle and human makes it worse because he believes this will slow him down in case he has to flee.
So do you see Why Leadership is a Must?


The Emotion of FEAR

I believe that people lack leadership skills because of their emotion of fear. They feel that leadership is too complicated, they are too old to learn leadership skills, they don't have enough experience in leadership, and it's impossible for them to become a master in leadership.  The good news is that leadership is a learnable skill no matter how old or less experience you are. 
Leadership is a Must


Build Rapport, Trust, and Leadership

The key to the fun and exhilaration of riding a horse is knowing that you are safe. The key to safety is becoming a respected and trusted leader for your horse. When your horse willingly accepts you as its leader, he knows you are keeping him safe. Therefore, he is happy to respond positively to all your requests.


It's Your Choice

You have the abilities to be a great horse leader whether you were born with horse's or not. It doesn't matter if you are 9 or 90 when you start. All it takes is some work. 
Moreover, you have to work on things that make a leader. You have to convince yourself to make changes in yourself.

 I designed a program called, The Focus Method, which will give you the knowledge and experience you need, to build your leadership skills, and teach you a simple strategy for what every horse needs. 
You will start feeling like you have years of experience.

If you learn and use the strategies that I teach you, you'll avoid many negative emotions such as;

  • frustration

  • anger

  • uncertainty

  • disappointment

  • overwhelmed

  • Fear

Here's what you will receive:

  • A positive attitude

  • 100% Focus

  • The horse will become a follower of his own will.

  • The horse will begin to understand what you are asking him to do. Also, he will become more responsive and reliable.

  • You and your horse will connect, and you both will relax and enjoy each other.

  • The horse will become a master at what you teach him. 

  • His performance will increase tremendously.

  • Fear will no longer be an issue. 

  • Your confidence will start to grow instantly.

The feeling is awesome!

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Leadership Gives You The Ability To:

  • Influence the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors of your horse.

  • Move a horse from a reactive state to a positive state

  •  From a place where you always thought it was impossible to a place of confidence

  •  From a state of mind where they are scared and nervous to a place where they are relaxed and ready to follow you with confidence.

A Leader Does This By:

  • Being prepared with the knowledge and experience of self-improvement and horse psychology.

  • Using a set of tools to get them there by understanding the horse's world.

  • Creating a relationship with their horse so that there are trust and respect.

  • Finding the leverage that makes change a must.

  • Labeling the problem in a way that makes it solvable.

  • Conditioning change so that it sticks.

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Be honest with yourself. Know where you are in your ability to lead. It doesn't matter where you start; what matters is knowing where you are because if you know where you are and you decide the level of Leadership you want to go to, you can change.

Now take action...see how your Leadership Skills take you quickly to the next level.

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