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Our Private Horsemanship Clinics will have you screaming with confidence!

Can you hold your arms in the air, let go of the reins, and clap and scream without your horse running to the next town? This was the end of a horsemanship clinic in Azle, Texas. These ladies were so proud of their horses and what they had accomplished. Join me at a 3L Horsemanship Clinic and you will scream with confidence too.


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Enormous Confidence. Massive Fun. Tremendous Experience

All successful horse people share one powerful characteristic: experience. I want to help you to achieve your goals by giving you the right experience. My 3L horsemanship clinics will make you an experienced leader, an experienced problem solver, and an experienced problem preventer.

It's my privilege to be able to give you the experience of accomplishment


Larry's Philosophy

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My philosophy is simple. First, I provide you with my step-by-step proven strategies and tools so you can apply them immediately to achieve instant results.
 I will Only teach you the things that have worked for me hundreds and hundreds of times.

Get experience from experience.


Second, it's time to get to work and put this information I'm giving you to use. We have so much information bombarding us from every direction, no one can possibly process it all. Availing yourself of information is one thing, but to be motivated, and confident in what you're doing for you and your horse is another thing. But to tap into your inner pride, strength, commitment, and courage, is something entirely different. These are the emotions that will drive you to apply what you have learned, for real and lasting results. I will deliver that experience.


Have you ever been to a clinic where you learned something great, yet never used it? We’re willing to bet that the clinic either failed to motivate you or failed to empower you—which is the third part of my philosophy. My program will empower you to consistently follow through on what you have learned, to create unstoppable momentum. You will not simply learn at my horsemanship clinic: you will do. You will live, breathe, and apply tools and strategies until they become part of your everyday life. You will leave with emotions that you have never felt. You will leave believing in yourself like never before.

Momentum Is Power

Your momentum is power. I believe that if your education leads only to knowledge, you have wasted your time; but if your learning leads to action, then you have harnessed the power that can change anything in your life.

We at 3L Horsemanship, don’t claim to have all the answers—but we have gone far and beyond to learn what you do need to do to be successful in horsemanship. There other things you need to learn other than techniques and strategies. Actually, techniques are only 20 percent of it. So what's the other 80%?  It's your mental skills. This is WHY people struggle 90% of the time. And let's don't leave out horse psychology. The more you learn about the horse and change your way of thinking, things will start to make "sense" and your skills will improve almost instantly. And you will stay motivated and eager to learn more. This is what we want to offer you.

3L horsemanship We hope you take advantage of what we have to offer and I look forward to meeting you personally at my clinic sometime soon.

Larry will personally evaluate and assure your progress throughout the private horsemanship clinic. He will evaluate the horses in the clinic and their individual personalities and will work with you personally on your focus, language, and body language. The evaluation will give you clarity so you can make better Decisions and be Creative in teaching your horse.










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What Is A Private 3L Horsemanship Clinic?


Larry French provides you with 30 years of expertise in 2 1/2 powerful days of total horsemanship. Learn tools, strategies, and secrets Larry French consistently uses to create immediate impact and compel lasting, positive change in yourself and your horse. Imagine having the confidence to step into any horse situation and make a real difference.

In times of fear, confusion, and change, the horse needs skilled leaders like never before.

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Lateral Flexion



Vertical Softness

Leg Yields

Back Up





Self Confidence

Self Esteem




OverCome Fear


Your Psychology












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