Why you must learn this program.

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Larry French Horsemanship is about helping you, and your horse understand each other so you will respect, trust and have confidence in each other. My goal is to help as many adults, children, and horses that I can. There's not another horsemanship program out there that is as focused on your horsemanship skills as this one. This program gives you the self-confidence, the courage, and focus you need to be a successful horse person.

This programs took me nine years to put together. I have studied thousands of people, kids, and horses so I could discover their needs and wants in horsemanship. Moreover, what's preventing them from accomplishing those dreams?
There are three principles that I teach, and that's people psychology, horse psychology, and the primary fundamental's to communicate with your horse.
Each person and horse are taught as separate individuals because each has different thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
I respect and understand the true identity of each and that's, why this program is so successful.

I teach this program at horsemanship clinics, at 1on1 sessions with me, and my membership site.

If you want to feel safe, and know your child is safe, to have clarity, a clear mind, and stop feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there. This is the horsemanship program for you. I will travel anywhere in the country to teach this program to people that are committed, has a passion for horses and is ready to make a change to better their lives and their horse's life.

This is the program you must have.

My goal is to help as many adults and children as possible

Your Foundation

1.Build Your Foundation (First)

You need to be able to think through the horse's challenges with clear understanding and confidence.

  • Mental Skills

  • The "right mindsets."

  • Clarity

Horse's Foundation

2.The Horses Foundation

It's important that you teach the way they learn-Knowing WHY- gives you clarity so you will make the right decisions 


From the pasture to the arena. Now you are entering the Horses World. You must think like a horse so your communication is clear so he understands what you ask.